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5 Ways To Make Your E-Commerce Website Design Stand Out

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When designing an e-commerce website, you will be competing against thousands, if not millions, of those shops in your niche. That is why you want to get your website design right. You need a strong website design to turn visitors into customers.

1. Always Think About the User

As you work on your website design, you should always be thinking about how the user will be experiencing your website. Are the fonts easy to read? Can you easily find the contact button? Is it easy to check what is in your cart?

As you build your website, have someone you know who is not associated with your store take it for a test drive and give you honest feedback. You want to enhance the user experience as much as possible.

2. Keep Things Simple

As you work on your design, you are going to want to focus on keeping things simple. If there is a way to make your design look simpler, go for it. If there is a way to use fewer plugins, go for it. If there is information you can take away and not harm the user experience, remove it. A simple website keeps the focus on your products and ensures your website is easy to navigate. You want your website design to be focused on products, not on distracting links or images.

3. Add a View Cart Button

As people shop on an e-commerce website, they like to check and see what they have put in their cart already. To keep people on the product page, add a view cart button. This will allow the shopping cart to show up as a drop-down menu without taking the user to an entirely new page to view the cart. This will keep the customers looking and ensure easy checkout when the customer is done shopping.

4. Keep Pricing Clear

With an e-commerce website, people want to know what they are paying for. This can be achieved by keeping the pricing clear and easy to find on all of your products. Don't hide the pricing; it may feel like a neat trick, but it is an easy way to deter people from actually buying your products.

5. Include Reviews

Once you start selling products, you will want to add the ability to leave reviews on your website. Most online shoppers will look at the star rating of a product or read reviews before making an online purchase. Having reviews and star ratings on your website, regardless of whether the reviews are positive or not, can help you make sales.

When designing an e-commerce website, you want to keep the customer experience at the forefront of your mind with your design. Keep things simple, make pricing obvious, including reviews, and add a view cart button to help customers quickly see what they have added to their cart when shopping. These are just a few ways to optimize your e-commerce website experience. Contact a company like DX Media Direct to learn more.