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5 Tips To Market Your Products At Music Festivals

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If you sell musical instruments or gear for music fans, you could be wondering how you can take advantage of all of the upcoming music festivals this summer. Music festivals can provide a great opportunity to reach a huge audience and promote your products, and there are a lot of different advertising methods that you can try. These are just a few of many great ideas for spreading the message this summer.

1. Utilize Aerial Advertising

Aerial advertising can be the ultimate means of promoting your products at upcoming musical festivals. With this type of advertising, you can hire someone to fly a banner or blimp through the air to advertise your website or name. When used over a crowd of thousands upon thousands of people, this can bring forth more of an impact than you probably think.

2. Give Away Bottles of Water

It's easy to get overheated and dehydrated at music festivals. Many festival goers are hesitant to buy overpriced bottles of water from vendors, so a great option is to give away bottles of water for free! Bottled water is quite affordable, especially if you buy it in bulk, and you can have custom-made labels added to your bottles to maximize your advertising impact.

3. Sell Cheap T-Shirts

People love to take home souvenirs from music festivals. Consider having T-shirts made with funny slogans or pictures that are related to the festival, and add an ad for your business on the back. If you sell these T-shirts at a low cost -- such as just over the cost of having them made -- you are sure to sell tons of them. Then, people will be advertising your business every time that they wear one of their new T-shirts.

4. Give Away Glow or Light-Up Jewelry

People love glow-in-the-dark or light-up jewelry, especially at music festivals. You can purchase these products very cheap if you buy them in bulk; then, you can have your logo printed on them. Although people might not be able to see your logo in the dark, they're sure to notice it and remember the gesture from your company the next day.

5. Sponsor the Festival

You don't have to spend a large sum of cash to sponsor most music festivals. Many will allow you to donate a small amount in exchange for having ads for your business printed on advertising materials for the festival and at the venue. Plus, this is a good way to support your favorite festivals and musicians.

As you can see, a music festival is a great place for advertising your business. Try one of these tips, and you're sure to really raise awareness for your company.