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2 Things To Know About Advertising Your Business On Discount Card Fundraisers

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Schools, churches, and other organizations often use discount card fundraisers to make money, and people from these organizations might approach your business to find out if you'd like to be on a card. If you've never done this before, here are two things you should know before you agree to it.

What it is

A discount card fundraiser is started when an organization decides to host a fundraiser by selling discount cards. These discount cards are the size of a credit card and contain 10 to 20 different local businesses on them. Each of these businesses offers a specific discount, which is written on the card.

People that purchase these cards can take advantage of these discounts over and over for as long as the cards are valid, which is usually one year. People will often purchase these for two reasons:

  1. To support the organization that is selling them
  2. To have access to discounts to all the local businesses on the cards 

You will have to pay to advertise on the card, but with the right advertising you might be able to turn this small investment into increased sales and profits.

How to advertise

When an organization asks you to be on a discount card, you should find out how much it will cost and how much space you will have on the card. Keep in mind that discount cards are small and often contain a lot of different ads, so you may not have a lot of space. To profit from this, you will need to:

  • Find the most effective wording to use
  • Choose a discount that will draw people to your business
  • Make your ad stand out

The ad you place could be an offer for something free. For example, if you own a restaurant you could give away free beverages with any purchase. You could also offer a certain percentage or dollar amount off a purchase. For example, if you run an oil change business you could offer $3 off an oil change. If you run a retail store, you could offer a 10% discount off any purchase over $20.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is a good enough deal that people will want to use it. This will encourage people to visit your business and while they are there, they might spend money on other things too.

Marketing is an important part of all businesses, and you might be able to increase your sales by taking part in a discount card fundraiser