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4 Ways To Get More "Yeses" When Making Political Fundraising Calls

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Political campaigns can be expensive. Many candidates raise a good portion of their money via fundraising calls. However, getting the people you call to donate money, rather than just hang up, is not easy. Here are four ways to get more yeses when you are making political fundraising calls.

1. Introduce Yourself Personally

Do not just say "Hi, I'm calling for the campaign of Joe Smith." This is impersonal and may turn off a lot of the people who you call. Instead, introduce yourself personally when the other person picks up. Say something like "Hi, this is Julie Sanders. I'm with the Joe Smith campaign." These days, there are so many recorded scam calls, and this personal introduction will show people that you are not one of them!

2. Talk About the Campaign First

It's tempting to just ask for donations off the bat so you don't waste extra time on the phone. But this may feel "grabby" to your callers, especially these days when they are probably being bombarded with fundraising efforts on social media. Instead, take the time to connect with them first. Tell them a little about the campaign and what the candidate stands for. Ask them questions about their life and beliefs, and try to identify something that they and the candidate agree on. Then, when you do ask for money, they will be more willing to donate because they'll realize they are donating to a cause they agree with. 

3. Don't Demand a Certain Amount

It's common for callers to ask "Would you consider a donation of $50?" or "Can I put you down for $20?" This is not a terrible approach, but it doe alienate those who may want to donate, but cannot afford to donate as much as you are asking. You're likely to raise more, in the long run, if you let the people choose how much they want to donate. Ask "How much would you be willing to give today?" Do not push people to donate more; just thank them for the donation, and move on.

4. Take Breaks Between Calls

Making political fundraising calls is hard work, and you are going to get tired after a few calls. Take a break at this point. If you keep pressing on when you're feeling strained, the strain will come through in your voice and the people you call will feel it. Try to make all of your calls when you're feeling refreshed and balanced.

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