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Tips For Designing A Better Marijuana Product Label

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If you have recently started your own business in the marijuana industry, one of your first steps might be setting up your brand. Establishing a brand involves creating packaging and labels for your products. This can be a fun challenge, but it is a challenge nonetheless. If you aren't sure where to start in the process, these tips will help you get started.

Choose a Theme

Some marijuana products are themed with animals, while some might use space. The key is to use labeling that will appeal to consumers while also showing them something new about your product. For instance, you might use one animal to represent a product that will make the user more tired, while another animal might give the impression that the user will feel more creative.

Additionally, your packaging theme should complement the products you are selling. If you are selling pre-rolled products, you may want to incorporate colors and themes that send a similar message.

Choose Great Color Combinations

Color has a lot to do with the way consumers perceive your brand. Do you want to give the impression that your products are calming? Or that they will feel more vibrant? Packaging colors convey a strong message.

You might even consider a holographic label. Holographic, glossy, and shiny labels and packaging stand out on a shelf in a dispensary. If you want your product to speak to your consumers, you need to attract their attention with your marijuana packaging design.

Choose a Name that Flows

The right name for your product will be something that flows. You want your product to build brand recognition. It is much more preferable that customers ask for your product directly rather than by simply asking for a generic form.

Choose a Clear Description

Additionally, you want to choose a font and text that reveals exactly what your product is. When it comes to marijuana products, you do not want to have any surprises. Your customer needs to have a solid understanding of what they have purchased.

Choose Safe Packaging

Remember that child-proofing is incredibly important for any products that contain cannabis. Jars and boxes should have precautions that make it easy for adults to access the product, but not children.

Packaging is a critical component of branding your product. Marijuana products are still building a reputation in the United States, with some states changing their laws in recent years. Now is the perfect time to perfect your branding and labels.