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Three Advantages of Programmatic Direct Mail

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Programmatic direct mail is taking advertising and retargeting offline while capitalizing on the benefits of direct mail. If you are looking for a better way to attract and retain customers, this is a strategy to add to your marketing approach.

Specific Marketing

Much like online ads, you can use direct mail to retarget a specific audience. Fortunately, unlike online marketing, you are not affected by ad blockers or the tendency for people to ignore these ads. Demographic information about visitors can be collected so that you can choose who should receive direct mailings, but it also allows you to better personalize your mail pieces. You may want to refine your direct mailings based on whether the visitor is a male or female shopping for clothes, but you can further target visitors based on whether they shop in the regular or plus-size section. Maybe you also notice specific visitors are viewing summer or fall items, and you can add them to your mailings when there is a sale for seasonal clothing.

Fraud Prevention

Many online advertising methods do not tell the entire story of who is viewing your ads, which can make retargeting harder. Robots are frequently used to crawl websites and gather information, which can make it difficult to determine whether a human is the one viewing your website and any online ads. When using online ads, this can mean lost advertising costs since many online ads cost money for each impression or click-through with no guarantee you are paying to advertise to a human. Investing more of your marketing dollars on strategies that make it to consumers means a better return on investment.

Better Impact

Direct mail is viewed as more impactful than online ads, even targeted online advertising. Mainly, direct mail offers a tangible product, which allows you to create mail pieces that target different senses. For example, high-quality cardstock, bright colors, and a glossy finish can easily appeal to the recipient's sense of touch and sight and show quality mailings. Scent is another sense that could be tackled with direct mailings by giving the recipient the opportunity to scratch-and-sniff a luxury perfume. Direct mailing can make an emotional impact, especially when you create customized advertisements. Recipients will notice when you send mail pieces for their birthday or advertising that focuses on items they are more likely to purchase.

Programmatic direct mail reduces much of the work from campaign creation to the finalizing of finished mail pieces. Since there are several benefits over relying exclusively on online ads, you should find ways to integrate direct mail.