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Should Accounting Firms Publish Newsletters?

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Accounting firms, like other businesses, are always on the prowl for new marketing techniques. In many cases, establishing a website is not enough. Many accounting firms are leaning towards writing newsletters for clients and potential clients. Newsletter writers often link to blog posts inside the email as a way to encourage clients to visit the website.

Are you on the fence about sending newsletters for your accounting firm? This guide will help you see that sending newsletters is a great choice for your firm if you want to reach a wide audience of clients and potential clients.

Newsletters Build Authority

When you send out newsletters, you establish yourself as an authority in your field. These emails can discuss accounting-related topics to show readers (and potential clients) that you know what you are talking about. You are showing that you are a credible party and that you can provide your clients with experience and skills that will help them make good financial decisions.

Newsletters Can Help Build SEO for Your Website

You want your accounting firm to show up in search engine results, and using your newsletter to promote your business is a great way to get this to happen. Incorporating terms important to your firm into your blog posts is an important way to bring in traffic from people using Google and other search engines. You can then link to your blog posts in your newsletter, improving access to this information. People who know about your posts are more likely to look for them again.

Newsletters Build a Sense of Trust

Writing newsletters about topics pertinent to your firm and your client's interests helps them. You can answer some of the questions customers often have, for instance. Your clients will feel grateful that you have provided such a benefit.

Newsletters Offer the Potential for Viral Marketing

When you promote your business via newsletter, you also have the ability to market your newsletter list through social media. Anybody who signs up for your newsletter has access to its content, but you can also promote individual pieces on your social media or blog. Your readers want to see interesting content they can share with those they care about.

Marketing can be tricky, even for professionals who already understand good business practices, writing newsletters can be a useful tool. Still have questions about marketing with your newsletter? Reaching out to an accounting firm email newsletter platform provider may be the best way to move forward with your business goals.