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3 Important Features To Look For In A Commercial Air Duct Scent System

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More and more commercial buildings are starting to utilize air duct scent systems. They deliver great-smelling fragrances all throughout the building, which leaves everyone in the area feeling a little happier each day. If you plan on purchasing one of these systems, try looking for these features. 

Quiet Operation 

When you have this air duct scent system operating in your commercial building, you don't want it making a lot of noise. If it did, then this could distract a lot of employees and negatively impact other aspects of your operations.

That is why it is so important to seek an air duct scent system that operates quietly. Even when the scent system is working at full power, you should not be able to hear it in the slightest. It will be as if the scent system isn't even there while great smells are filling your building. 

Digital Timer

There may be times when you want this air duct scent system active, such as right when your building opens or during lunchtime to mask odors. In this case, you will need a commercial air duct scent system with a digital timer. Thanks to this feature, you can set the scent system to turn on throughout certain periods of the day. 

The schedule is completely up to you. This way, the scent system won't just be running all throughout the day and causing your energy bills to soar through the roof. Digital timers are easy to adjust as well, even for those with no prior experience with these systems. 

Large Bottle Size

You probably have a busy schedule if you manage your own business, so the last thing you need is having to keep refilling an air duct scent system.

You can take this problem away by opting for a system that has a large bottle size. This design enables you to fill the bottle with a lot of scent at one time, whether it uses tea tree or lavender essential oils. One fill should be plenty to get you through several months of regular use. That's a convenient design that is worth paying extra for.

Having a great-smelling commercial property is important for many reasons. You can make this possible with a commercial air duct scent system. As long as you know what features to key in on when making this purchase, the system you buy should work out just fine.