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3 Tips For Building Your Emotional Branding Strategy

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When you’re interested in reaching your audience, you need to be certain that you’re in a position to get your marketing in order. Whether you’re buying a new pair of shoes or closing on a home, when you reverse engineer it, everything you buy has some measure of emotion. Companies that market to you look to create an emotional reaction first so that they can not only get you to make a purchase but so that they can make you customers for life. Read More»

4 Ways To Get More "Yeses" When Making Political Fundraising Calls

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Political campaigns can be expensive. Many candidates raise a good portion of their money via fundraising calls. However, getting the people you call to donate money, rather than just hang up, is not easy. Here are four ways to get more yeses when you are making political fundraising calls. 1. Introduce Yourself Personally Do not just say “Hi, I’m calling for the campaign of Joe Smith.” This is impersonal and may turn off a lot of the people who you call. Read More»