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Marketing Communications For Higher Education: What Strategies Should Your Institution Employ?

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Colleges, universities and vocational schools all have a few things in common. First of all, they all want to get the attention of potential matriculates. Secondly, they all need marketing communications for higher education. There are so many ways for any one school of higher learning to go with their marketing communication that it may be difficult for the the school’s marketing staff to decide which strategies should be employed. If this is where you and your university or college sit, then you need to take a look at the following strategies and take a vote on which of these is right for your institution. Read More»

The Benefits Of Sports Ticket Management Software

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When it comes to getting the most out of your event, it seems to be getting more and more difficult. With changing technologies and short attention spans, it is already a challenge to fill your event with attendees. However, it can be easier. More than that, you can receive a better ROI (return on investment) all around by using sports ticket management software. Here are some specific benefits:   Better Sponsorship ROI Read More»

Three Steps To Marketing And Growing Your Small Business

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Taking steps forward with marketing your small business can go a long way in terms of growing your customer base and carrying out the mission of your company. Even if you are not incredibly versed in the world of marketing and advertising, there are some specific steps you can take in order to get the word out about your business. Follow the information in this article, to put your business in a better position today. Read More»

2 Things To Know About Advertising Your Business On Discount Card Fundraisers

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Schools, churches, and other organizations often use discount card fundraisers to make money, and people from these organizations might approach your business to find out if you’d like to be on a card. If you’ve never done this before, here are two things you should know before you agree to it. What it is A discount card fundraiser is started when an organization decides to host a fundraiser by selling discount cards. Read More»

Enhance Your Sales Through Effective Displays - Design Tips For Trade Show Truss Booths

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The hard work and ingenuity of the American salesperson has long provided for exciting career opportunities for millions. However, many people remain unfortunately unaware of the steps they can take to improve their sales of a wide-variety of products. Attending trade shows and getting the word out to others in your industry is an important start, but standing out at these shows can be a real challenge. Below, you’ll find a guide to some tips that will help you design a truss booth for a trade show. Read More»

Content Marketing 101: Answers To Basic Questions

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The internet has the potential to expose an almost countless number of potential customers or readers to your website. However, tapping into this source of growth can seem daunting because of the difficulties of distinguishing yourself from your many competitors. To this end, content marketing has the potential to dramatically improve the standing and growth of your enterprise. Yet, there are many business owners that are not familiar with this type of marketing, and these individuals may have some questions before deciding if this is a suitable strategy for their company. Read More»

5 Tips To Market Your Products At Music Festivals

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If you sell musical instruments or gear for music fans, you could be wondering how you can take advantage of all of the upcoming music festivals this summer. Music festivals can provide a great opportunity to reach a huge audience and promote your products, and there are a lot of different advertising methods that you can try. These are just a few of many great ideas for spreading the message this summer. Read More»