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Entrepreneurs May Need Targeted Television Advertising to Succeed

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You just quit your job to become an entrepreneur with a dream and a vision. This step is a bold one and is a great one if you’re truly inspired and motivated to succeed. However, this can be a difficult position if you can’t get the name of your business on people’s minds. As a result, you may want to consider audience-targeted TV advertising services, no matter the cost. Being an Entrepreneur Is a Challenge Read More»

3 Innovative Ways To Market Yourself As A Real Estate Agent

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Stepping into the real estate field as an agent can be a trying process. Those agents who have been around for a while or nurtured a good reputation tend to get the most leads, which can make it really hard as a newcomer in the business. Thankfully, real estate agent advertising and marketing is far easier now than what it has ever been before. Even as a new agent, there are certain things you can do to get your name out there, get those leads, and get your name established. Read More»

Should Accounting Firms Publish Newsletters?

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Accounting firms, like other businesses, are always on the prowl for new marketing techniques. In many cases, establishing a website is not enough. Many accounting firms are leaning towards writing newsletters for clients and potential clients. Newsletter writers often link to blog posts inside the email as a way to encourage clients to visit the website. Are you on the fence about sending newsletters for your accounting firm? This guide will help you see that sending newsletters is a great choice for your firm if you want to reach a wide audience of clients and potential clients. Read More»

Three Advantages of Programmatic Direct Mail

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Programmatic direct mail is taking advertising and retargeting offline while capitalizing on the benefits of direct mail. If you are looking for a better way to attract and retain customers, this is a strategy to add to your marketing approach. Specific Marketing Much like online ads, you can use direct mail to retarget a specific audience. Fortunately, unlike online marketing, you are not affected by ad blockers or the tendency for people to ignore these ads. Read More»

Tips For Designing A Better Marijuana Product Label

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If you have recently started your own business in the marijuana industry, one of your first steps might be setting up your brand. Establishing a brand involves creating packaging and labels for your products. This can be a fun challenge, but it is a challenge nonetheless. If you aren’t sure where to start in the process, these tips will help you get started. Choose a Theme Some marijuana products are themed with animals, while some might use space. Read More»